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What is fostering?

The core of fostering is to provide a temporary and supportive sanctuary for abandoned animals to start the process of trusting, decompressing, and getting acclimated to what it will be like to have a furever home. Many rescue animals have spent time in less-than-desirable environments at the hands of people's mistakes or misfortunes. Having a warm and caring environment with love and structure helps the animals to realize that they can be happy and healthy in a home environment.  What is remarkable is that when you foster you are not financially responsible for anything with your foster baby, everything is provided for you. This makes the process even better as this gives you less stress so that you can focus on working with the emotional well-being of your foster. Finally, the incredibly fulfilling feeling that you get from helping an animal in need is truly priceless.

Caressing a Cat
Caressing a Cat

My husband and I decided to give fostering a try after our fur baby passed away.  We weren’t sure another pit would be as sweet as our Tigger.  Sunny was great at walking us through the foster program and what our responsibilities were and was very patient with us when it took us a while to decide which one to pick.  


While volunteering as a first time foster, we had lots of questions and concerns and during this time we had so much support from Sunny.  As Foster Coordinator, Sunny made sure she kept in touch with use weekly (through a weekly report asking about her meds, eating habits, play habits, learning habits and of course any health issues).  I thought this was a great way to make sure nothing would slip through the cracks. 


She was very responsive and amazing to deal with, so much so that our foster has now became our forever foster! 


Kim, Georgia

Funny Pitbull Portrait

When you've never fostered before, it can be daunting to start, but Sunny made it so easy for us. In our family's case, we had a puppy dropped into our lives when our friends didn't know who else to call. While we knew we couldn't keep him, we wanted to help find his forever home.


Having never done something like this before, we reached out to Sunny, and from day one, she went over the top to help us through the process. She checked in with us, making sure we had all the supplies needed from food to preventatives. It never felt like we were just left to our own devices to figure anything out. It became a friendship where we sent pictures of his progress and she kept us updated on potential homes. Ever since, we've loved fostering with Sunny as a partner. 


Heide & Bryce, Georgia


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